ASA5506x Fits in a 5505 Rack Mount

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The rack mount kits for a Cisco ASA 5506x (Part number ASA-5506-RACK-MNT=) are going for over $250! That’s almost as much as the firewall itself! This is ridiculously high.

But don’t panic! You can get an older ASA 5505 rack mount kit and the 5506x will fit inside it. The older ASA 5505 mounts go for $60 or less and seem to be ok. Here are some pics from a recent swap I did.

ASA 5505 in an 5505 rack mount.

ASA 5506x in a 5505 rack mount.

ASA 5506x in a 5505 rack mount.

The one problem here is that the 5506-X is longer than the 5505. This means you may have to secure it using some zip ties or something if you don’t want it to slide around every time you put a cable in. In my case I added a few pieces of tape to keep it from moving and it worked great.

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