Cisco ASA Command to Show Listening Ports

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Do you wish there was a netstat command for a Cisco ASA? Are you looking to see what ports the ASA has open and is listening on? Try this command:

ASA5506# sh asp table socket

Protocol  Socket    State      Local Address        Foreign Address
SSL       0001ebf8  LISTEN*
TCP       000216f8  LISTEN*
TCP       370c1d68  LISTEN*
TCP       3712d678  ESTAB

This command displays all of the ports that are open and established on the ASA.

The state indicates whether the port is listening or established.

The local address says which IP it’s listening on. In the example above, is the outside interface and the is the inside interface.

The foreign address will show up when someone connects to that port. In this case I was ssh’d into the firewall coming from

The output above should be a direct reflection of the ssh, telnet, and http commands in the ASA.

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