Cisco MARS How to Get Logs Off It

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Below is the procedure below explains how to get logs off Mars Box from expert mode using FTP.

If you have an scp server you can use the pnlog scpto command. But if all you have is an FTP server, then this is more complicated. First we do the pnlog scpto command, but we do that only so the system packages up the logs pretty for us.

[pnadmin]$ pnlog scpto test
scp /tmp/error-logs.tar.gz tmp/error-logs.tar.gz
cp: cannot create regular file `tmp/error-logs.tar.gz':
No such file or directory Fail to copy error-logs.tar.gz, skip copying janus-log.tar.gz.

The argument ‘test’ is just a name. Syntax pnlog scpto . But even when scp fails, mars copies the file to ‘tmp’ directory. It saves some steps of logging into expert mode and copying files over to tmp directory.

[pnadmin]$ expert Password:
[expert@TRAINING-MARS]# su
[root@TRAINING-MARS bin]# cd /tmp
[root@TRAINING-MARS tmp]# ls
[root@TRAINING-MARS tmp]# mv error-logs.tar.gz 60011122error-logs.tar.gz
[root@TRAINING-MARS tmp]# mv janus-logs.tar.gz 60011122janus-logs.tar.gz

The error-logs.tar.gz and janus-logs.tar.gz files are where the logs are stored.

Optional: Rename the files, making it easy to find on a ftp server, when they are copied over. Only way to rename files is to move them by mv command in unix.

[root@TRAINING-MARS tmp]# ftp <ftp IP address>
Name (ftp IP): <username>
331 Password required for < > Password: <password>
ftp> cd /incoming
250 CWD command successful.
ftp> bin
ftp> put 60011122error-logs.tar.gz
local: 60011122error-logs.tar.gz remote: 60011122error-logs.tar.gz 227
Entering Passive Mode (64,102,255,116,160,128) 150
Opening BINARY mode data connection for 60011122error-logs.tar.gz 226
Transfer complete. 1987611 bytes sent in 0.96 seconds (2e+03 Kbytes/s)
ftp> put 60011122janus-logs.tar.gz
local: 60011122janus-logs.tar.gz remote: 60011122janus-logs.tar.gz 227
Entering Passive Mode (64,102,255,116,160,129) 150
Opening BINARY mode data connection for 60011122janus-logs.tar.gz 226
Transfer complete. 4301304
ftp> bye
421 Idle Timeout (120 seconds): Closing control connection

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