Deploying Meteor 1.0 to Heroku

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Heroku doesn’t have an official document as of yet for deploying a meteor application on their platform. However meteor does just use node.js under the hood, so a specailly crafted buildpack can actually make it run there… for the most part.

Meteor BuildPack Horse

This buildpack worked for the most part.

First start by checking your application into git with the basic following:

git init
git add .
git commit -m 'Initial commit'

Then create the heroku app with this command:

heroku create --stack cedar --buildpack

Now create a remote for Heroku doing this:

heroku git:remote -a <name of heroku app>

Next you need to push the application by doing a git push:

git push heroku master

Now you need to set the ROOT_URL by doing this

heroku config:add ROOT_URL=https://<name of app>

Now you should be able to navigate to your URL and it should work.

This actually auto set me up for a free MongoLab account on Heroku and my database was up and running with 0 configuration. Wow!

Meteorite Build Pack

Found here:

This one I couldn’t get to work with version I would get errors after deploying to heroku that something went wrong with the application.

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