Find a File in Linux

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Are you trying to understand how to search for a file in Linux? Sometimes the command isn’t easy to remember. Try these tips to help you find the file.

Search by filename

find / -name 'filename.txt'

The / indicates to start at the root directory. The -name tag says look for the filename. The ‘filename.txt’ is the filename you’re looking for.

Search your current directory and all sub-directories

find -name homework.txt

Search for files ending in .txt in your current directory

find -name *.txt

Find files that are over 5MB in size

find / -size +5000k

Get rid of all the ‘permission denied’ errors when doing a find

If the command returns an error we can send that output to nowhere by doing the following:

find / -name 'something.txt' 2>/dev/null

This will send all errors to the bit bucket and only display successful results.

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