Games to Test Your Coding Skills

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Ever since I started playing my first video game on a computer I’ve been fascinated with using my programming skills to help me achieve victory. Here are some really fun and challenging games that require your programming skills in order to achieve victory.

Web Based Games

The website offers a lot of really fun challenges to solve using your choice of 20 different programming lanugages!

A simplistic yet challenging game that will test your javascript skills.

This is the Starcraft AI tournament website. Challenge other Starcraft players using only your C++ or Java skills.

Solve various challenges based on your interest and in any one of the 35 languages you choose.

This is a security CTF game. It will definitely test your programming skills to help you with solving some of the problems you encounter.

A new CTF type game that has a twist. That is, it may land you a job!

Program the movement of elevators using Javascrpt.

An interesting programming game where you are the scheduler. That is, you control how a program gets stepped through it’s code, and your goal is to break the program and find flaws in the code.

Warrior JS. Install it and play on the terminal. Learn how to code in Javascript.

Mobile Games

A coding game for Android. Let’s you save the world by coding solutions to problems.

A puzzle game for mobile devices (Android, iPhone, Kindle) that allows you to solve puzzles by coding.

The Sequence is a mobile puzzle game for Anroid, iPhone, WindowsPhone. It doesn’t use a programming language to solve puzzles but taps into the same concept of running a program and having it loop and step through the program to solve the puzzle. Give it a try!

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