How to Show and Clear User Sessions on a Cisco ASA

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Sometimes you need to disconnect someone’s ssh session to a Cisco ASA. This may be needed because users haven’t logged out properly and have taken up all the sessions allowed.

Check Usage Limits

You can check usage limits by seeing how many sessions the ASA thinks are connected.

FWL1# show resource usage resource ssh
Resource                 Current        Peak      Limit        Denied Context
SSH Server                     5           5          5           109 System

In this case the ASA can only connect 5 years and it thinks there are 5 sessions open and therefore it cannot connect any more.

There’s a bug that doesn’t properly release sessions from the ASA.

Show current ssh sessions

To display all ssh sessions connected run this command.

FWL1# show ssh sessions                        
SID Client IP       Version Mode Encryption Hmac     State            Username
0       2.0     IN   aes128-ctr sha1     SessionStarted   james
                            OUT  aes128-ctr sha1     SessionStarted   james
2       2.0     IN   aes128-ctr sha1     SessionStarted   frank
                            OUT  aes128-ctr sha1     SessionStarted   frank
3       2.0     IN   aes128-ctr sha1     SessionStarted   henry
                            OUT  aes128-ctr sha1     SessionStarted   henry

Disconnect user

If you want to disconnect user henry, find the SID and use this command:

FWL1# ssh disconnect 3

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