How to Test an NTP Server Using Ntpdate

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Do you want to check if an NTP server is alive and responding to NTP queries? Do you need to manually check an NTP server to see if the clock is correct? Try using ntpdate from a linux CLI to query the NTP server.

$ ntpdate -q
server, stratum 2, offset 1.552116, delay 0.06792
server, stratum 2, offset 1.556884, delay 0.11574
server, stratum 2, offset 1.569006, delay 0.11952
server, stratum 2, offset 1.542965, delay 0.11389
19 Apr 21:30:06 ntpdate[32062]: step time server offset 1.552116 sec

The -q switch says to query only and not set the time. With this command you can query an NTP server and it will return the date it has set.

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