Octopress Workflow

Here is the workflow I use for creating a new blog post using Octopress.

Use my favorite text editor, Sublime text.

Sublime Text tools:

  • Spell Check (Comes standard in sublime text. Use F6 to turn it on.)
  • Markdown Preview (A plugin that can be installed from package control that allows you to preview markdown in a browser)
  • LiveReload (a plugin that makes it so every time you save a markdown file your preview is updated automatically in the browser)

Write post using Markdown or HTML in Sublime Text.

Once I am happy with the way the post looks I then get into my dev Octopress server and do the following command:

rake new_post[<post name>]

  • Use vim to edit the new post.
  • Paste my markdown into the new post.
  • Add any tags that need to be added.

Deploy new page

rake generate
git add .
git commit -m 'New blog post'
git push heroku master