WebVPN or SSL VPN on an ASA

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WebVPN diagram - IMG

WebVPN (or often called SSL VPN) (or sometimes called clientless VPN) is used when someone needs to access a web based application that is on the private network. A web browser is used for all the encryption and authentication.

After applying the config below the web user should be able to point their browser to to access the device at


First make sure to have a SSL certificate on the ASA. This is needed because the ASA is acting as a web proxy and requires an SSL cert to be there to create the connection to the client.

! Generate a self signed certificate
crypto ca trustpoint SELF-SIGNED-CERTIFICATE
id-usage ssl-ipsec
no fqdn
subject-name CN=firewall-name
enrollment self
crypto ca enroll SELF-SIGNED-CERTIFICATE noconfirm

Configure the WebVPN

  enable Outside
  ssl trust-point SELF-SIGNED-CERTIFICATE Outside
group-policy POL-SP-WEBVPN internal
group-policy POL-SP-WEBVPN attributes
  vpn-tunnel-protocol webvpn
   url-list none
tunnel-group WEBVPN-SHAREPOINT type remote-access
tunnel-group WEBVPN-SHAREPOINT general-attributes
  default-group-policy POL-SP-WEBVPN

Once the Group Policy and Tunnel Group are created go into ASDM to control the look and control what websites the user can access.

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